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Stormy Beach

Riding Thunder

Dancing with grief & rage

prickly, but healing aloe

Sparked by the need to metabolize the seemingly never-ending grief and rage of 2020, Riding Thunder harnesses the relationship with your body and music.  In this sacred time together, we move with and through anger to unlock and release the more vulnerable emotions that anger seeks to protect and often shrouds completely. Jacqueline will guide you through the thunderous waves to the calm after the storm.

Riding Thunder is for those who:

  • look to deepen their relationship with their bodies

  • find themselves turning often to anger, even when it doesn't make sense to them to do so

  • find anger disrupting their connections to themselves and others

  • are in need of a container to metabolize the anger and grief surfacing during periods of change and growth

  • know they need to grieve and can't seem to get to it

  • recognize much of their anger is actually unexpressed grief

  • seek to relieve the backlog of grief that is draining on their personal health and the health of the planet

Working with the waning energy of the moon to help us release, we meet via Zoom on the First Thursday of the month- the Thunderday closest to the last quarter of the moon.  We meet from 5 - 7pm AZ (MST) time.  


Setting up the ritual container 

Space for sharing & intention and being witnessed

Dance with anger

Music breaks to release what's underneath

Journaling/individual processing

Group sharing & witnessing

Dissolving the ritual container

The playlist each month is shared with participants from that month so that you can move through the waves again if you need to. You can hear a sample playlist here

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