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Ancestral Lineage Healing

re-membering Ancient connections





Why is ancestral healing important?

Ancestral lineage healing connects us to a place of intimate belonging and resources us to put our own pieces back together again.  It is a long-overdue salve for the times. It facilitates personal healing by repairing connection to the land and our own bodies . It goes to the root of cultural healing.  It's how we turn the faucet off, so we're not mopping with the water running, as the Dutch saying goes.

What is important to know about ancestral work? 

Just like among the living, there are degrees of health among the dead.  When working with the ancestors, you want to make sure you're only connecting with those that are vibrantly healthy, wise, and loving. How well they are in spirit now may be quite different than how well they were when they were alive. 

You don't need to know anything about your ancestors to do this work- sometimes it can even work better if you don't know anything about them.  

The ancestral guides do all the work.  Efforting is not required- or even desired. We simply engage and make the request, holding space for them to do the work of healing troubles on the line. 

Who is ancestral healing work for? 

If you are drawn to:

  • building relationships with your ancestors, whether by blood or adoption

  • reclaiming connection to your body

  • fostering connection to the land you live on

  • cultural healing

  • healing inter-generational trauma

  • looking to expand your spiritual/emotional resources to help better regulate your nervous system and reduce effects of stress

  • re-parenting to heal your inner child

  • shifting familial patterns

  • receiving familial gifts and blessings 

  • expanding your resources and guidance to accomplish your purpose

How does the ancestral healing process work? 

By connecting you to a vibrantly healthy, wise, and loving guide on each of your respective lines, the ancestral guide does the work to heal troubles on the family line and bring that healing into your body and life.  I've been trained in the Ancestral Medicine process developed by Dr. Daniel Foor, which emphasizes ritual and psychological safety at every step of the process. Watch an introductory talk by Daniel about Ancestral Medicine here.

Answer the Call of the Bones

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