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Grounding Boundaries protection

take root to take flight

Ritual foundations for everyday living

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Take Root to Take Flight is a 4-week self-study course focusing on embodied practice to learn more about

  • grounding in your body and the earth,

  • setting and maintaining boundaries,

  • finding and working with Trusted Powers or Holy Helpers, and 

  • energetic and spiritual hygiene and protection.

Using videos, recorded guided visualizations, activities to broaden understanding and deepen embodiment, and journaling, you'll gain not just an intellectual understanding of, but embodied practice with these foundational skills.  They are life-changers!  

This course (or equivalent experience) is a prerequisite for the rest of my courses, as well as doing Ancestral Medicine ancestral lineage repair work or any other ritual healing modality.  

Because these skills are so foundational for healing- and life!- I want this course to be accessible for folks.  This month-long course is only $49