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The Maiden
the bone mother

coming into our power


We all know the fairytales-- the young girl loses her mother at 8 or 9.  She develops friendships in unlikely places- with animals, with magical beings, with dolls.  Her father remarries and the step-mother and step-sisters treat the heroine terribly.  The stories we've heard the most end with the heroine meeting some kind of prince, some kind of way.  But in the Slavic tale of Vasilissa the Beautiful, the heroine doesn't meet a prince, but Baba Yaga--a Bone Mother who lives deep in the woods. 

Baba Yaga is a woman that has removed herself from the trappings of civilization, and lives life on her own terms. She's been demonized over the centuries, but if we look closely enough, we can see what a powerful teacher and healer she is.   Her house is on chicken feet and whirls and dances.  Her fence is made of bones and surrounded by skulls that light up at night.  Her appetites are enormous.  She flies around in a mortar and pestle. She suffers no fools. 


The scholars call her ambiguous because they don't know if she'll help those that come to her or destroy them.  But for those that understand her values and ways, its not quite so random.  One thing that those that know her and the scholars can all agree upon is that she's an initiator.  Her yard is a proofing ground that delivers the wisdom of the ancients to those that can complete the tasks she sets before them. 

In this course, The Maiden Meets The Bone Mother, we'll be working with the story of Vasilissa the Beautiful to prepare for our own initiations into our life's True Path.  As we work with the archetypes and tasks in the story, we'll be unlocking doorways to power within us, and developing the relationships that resource us on our journey. 

Click through to the course page to find out more about the map we'll be following here


What's included?  3 group calls a month, 1 30-minute check-in call a month, 3 60-minute individual sessions over the course of the class.  Online platform and discussion spaces. 

When: Classes will meet on Monday mornings, AZ time (MST- no change with daylight savings) from 10 - 12.  

Where: Zoom.  Calls will be recorded so you can watch later

Format: Calls will consist of a mixture of sharing, teaching, partner work, and dropped-in ritual space

Leave the step-mother's house and enter the woods

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