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When you need to move on

When it's time to move on from a person, project, plan, or place, the pain can be crippling.  Grieving is a healthy and essential part of the process.  You want to move ahead, but can't seem to quit looking over our shoulder and move ahead. 
Using a 3-part protocol I learned from Betsy Bergstrom, I will help you disentangle your energy, divest from the dream of the relationship, and call your life force, soul essence, and power back to you. 

Disentangle from your ex

When we're deep in relationship we co-mingle on many levels.  Disentangling energetically helps us quit losing energy pining and obsessing so we can move forward with all our energies aligned. 

Partners and Places
      Western culture supports the idea that we become a part of a person or a place and they become a part of us.  When we have to leave them behind- or they leave us in some way, the pain is palpable. But we're not given much space to grieve, and the energetic entanglement that can keep us tethered and drain our power is rarely acknowledged.

Plans and Projects
     We often refer to projects as "our babies", and will often stay involved in a plan or project simply because we've already invested so much of our time, energy, and resources into it.  Like in relationships with people and places, we become a part of it and it becomes a part of us. Also like endings with people and places, we need to grieve and have rituals of healing to recover when its time to say good-bye. 

Divest from the dream

Letting go of what could have been

Sometimes when something's over, grieving the dream of it is the hardest part, the thing that really breaks our heart.  The second part of the process can be bittersweet as we say good-bye to what we hoped would be but now is not. Facing this reality and divesting from the dream of it enables us to regain so much of our life force and personal power. 

call your power back

Reclaim Your Sovereignity

Time to call your life force, your power, and your soul essence back to you and claim the fullness of your sovereignty.  To integrate it and recalibrate your system to accommodate it.  Its like finding out that you've been occupying a two-bedroom apartment, while there was a door you never noticed that opens to the mansion that is actually yours.  


This 3-part protocol for ritual healing can be done in 2 ways:


  • 3 - 60 minute sessions with you actively co-creating the healing.  The time between the sessions allows for integration of your process.  


  • After an initial consultation, the ritual healing can also be done without you present if you prefer.  I will contact you after its completed with your healing story and anything you specifically need to do to integrate your healing.

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