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Coming together as a couple is about working to honor each of you and your relationship. Do this and you'll be nourishing love's roots and growing love for a lifetime.  Each of you--and the relationship between you--need to be honored, valued, and respected.  Let's work together to reflect this in your ceremony, and more importantly, in your life together. 

Beyond a beautiful day, you want a beautiful life. 


Tap my love of symbolism, ceremony, and ritual, along with my extensive background in interfaith work to help you design a personal and meaningful ceremony that reflects

what is most important about who each of you are as individuals,

who you are as a couple/family,

where you've been, and where you'd like to go.




Using my love of symbols, interfaith study, and all things reflective and meaningful, I can design a custom ceremony for you and your family that truly reflects who you are, where you've come from, and the life you want to build.  I am ordained and can perform it for you to make sure your special day really is yours.





Ask folks at a wedding what their advice for the couple is, and over and over again you'll hear "Communication." "Respect each other and your differences", "Communication". "Communication", "Communication."  Sounds easy enough, but our divorce rates are showing us that its harder than it seems.  Let's work together to make sure you've got a marriage as beautiful as your wedding (or better!)

As a Master Practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I work with couples to give them the tools to communicate and do it well.  We'll work with the MBTI, based on the work of Carl Jung, to assess each of your preferences.  The MBTI is the only data-based personality test.
You'll learn about 

  • your personality preference, 

  • communication style, 

  • decision-making style, 

  • conflict style, and 

  • how you respond (and react) to stress

and how to appreciate your strengths and differences as a couple so you can develop strategies that work for you. 

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